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We are Steve, Kathleen, and Emmett Erickson.  In the fall of 2007 we left our jobs, sold our house, and moved aboard our Kanter 52 sailing yacht to go exploring.  This website is the chronicle of our journeys. 

We will try to update this site frequently--especially the photo gallery and Ship's log.  We invite you to follow along on our voyage and email us with your comments.



What's New at Uliad.net:

  • Check out our new Gallery of Things That Didn't Translate So Well page
  • Our ham radio-email link can send our lat-lon position every time we download our email.  You can see our latest position on a map (or google earth) by clicking HERE.  The blue marker is our most recent position, the green marker "trail" shows past positions.
  •  Our "Friends of Uliad" page has links to the blogs of other sailing families we've gotten to know along the way. 
  • The new, updated interactive map is ready which describes our intended cruising plan to cross the south pacific in 2009.  If you have Google Earth loaded on your computer, click on "KSS" to download a file of the map that you can view even better with Google Earth
  • Emmett  created The Creature of the Month page to show off the interesting living things he found while sailing around the world.



We always enjoy hearing from our readers.  If you ever have questions, comments, or just want us to know that you're out there following along, we'd love to hear from you.

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