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Uliad's Crew consists of:


SteveCaptain, ship's doctor, and head chef.  Steve grew up in Kenyon, MN.  Graduated  from St. Olaf College in 1990, from University of Minnesota Medical School in 1994.  He worked as a family physician in Waupaca, WI for 10 years before semi-retiring to Uliad.  Wait--let's not call it retirement...let's just call it a major life change that doesn't involve having to get up and be somewhere every morning.

Steve will miss his wine collection and gourmet foods while sailing.  And the dinghy will be a poor replacement for his Jaguar XKR.  But he loves adventure, exploration, and fresh seafood more than enough to make up for it!.



KathleenAdmiral, yacht decorator, and chief organizer.  Kathleen was raised in San Diego, CA.  She graduated from Humboldt State, and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Washington.  She worked as a social worker up until we decided to set off on Uliad. 

Kathleen loves fine art, gardening, and dogs.  Without these pastimes on Uliad, she is excited to take up her new hobbies:  diesel engine maintenance, Ham radio, and cleaning & preparing conch.




EmmettJunior officer, deck hand and aspiring dinghy captain.  Emmett completed first grade at Waupaca Learning Center prior to running away to the sea.   For more information about this amazing young man, see his own page here.

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