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Ten years old and travelling across the sea...

All about Emmett

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Hi.  My name is Emmett Michael Patrick Erickson and I am ten years old.  I am in fith grade. I have been sailing since I was one year old.  I like sailing because I get to do lots of fun stuff.  I like playing on the beach because I always find new creatures in the water.  I also like skipping rocks and driving the dinghy.  I can also go skim-boarding and kneeboarding.

My bedroom is small on Uliad.  But I still like it because it feels like home with all my stuff in it. 

This is a picture of me swimming with sea lions on Lobo Island in Galapagos. Lobo Island is just off the coast of San Cristobal. We had a great time there!


My favorite things to do:

 I like to go snorkeling.  I can now dive down about 10 feet underwater!  I like to read a lot. I just got a Kindle for Christmas which should help with that hobby.  I like to play on the computer or my  PSP. 

  • Hot Wheels.com     I found this site after looking at the back of my hot wheels car boxes
  • Candystand.com    My friend Ben taught me all about this website
  • Boys Life      This is a fun website that is about Scouts.  I recently became a Webelos Scout.
  • a123.com     This is a website that has thousands of games from tons of other websites.  Another website like this is y8.com


Lately I've been doing large multi-paragraph writings. In math I've been multiplying and dividing fractions.  My favorite subjects are art, science and math.



What I've been up to lately: 

     My Dad got a job in ALASKA!!!  So... That's where we are now. It's really cold. I cant wait to get back to NZ.

I almost forgot.... I GOT GLASSES!!!!  Turns out I'm near sighted!  There's a photo below. 


 I got glasses!   At least there's good snowboarding.



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