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We're never so far as to be out of touch...

How To Contact Us Onboard Uliad

Important  E-mail Information:

Although we may be far away, we're not out of touch!  We'd love to hear from you! We access our email accounts whenever we're in port and can find a WiFi signal.  We can also be contacted by email through our single sideband radio anywhere in the world (talk to us or one of our Emergency Contacts to the left for instructions on how to do this)

Our e-mail addresses are shown below.  They are imbedded in a photograph because evil robots are constantly scanning the web looking for e-mail addresses to send spam to.  But apparently, the robots cant read pictures, only text.                

     email address

Don't be evil like the robots!  It can be challenging to download email if we have to deal with weak signals and slow web connections, so please don't forward us the latest internet joke, chain letter, mass mailing, and the like.  If you'd like to send a photo attachment or other large file, check with us first to make sure we are somewhere we can download it.

Calling by phone:

We are also Skype members (Uliadphone) which allows us to make phone and video calls from anywhere we can find broadband internet access. (i.e. not at sea, only in port)  If you have a broadband connection, a web cam, and 5 minutes to download their free software from Skype, we'll be able to talk to and see each other!

Uliad.net  created by Steve Erickson © 2007-2012
All rights reserved
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