The Gallery of Things That Didn't Translate So Well

   Travelling through foreign lands, we've come across more than a few things that made us stop and laugh...


Cock Soup

Anyone care for spicy cock soup.  Note in corner that this is authentic Jamaican cock, although we bought it in the Bahamas


Crachi Bar

Here's a tasty pair from the Dominican Republic:  a yummy crachi bar (yes it's pronounced like "crotch" with an i at the end.  And how about this powerful sports drink/wine cooler?



  If you're wondering what to serve junior while you sip on your "La Fuerza" sparkling wine, how about this Venezuelan treat.  Kids just love anything Yuky.



   The funny thing about Chokis is that they really are just the perfect size and shape for a kid to choke on. 



Spiritual Rum

    I'm not sure what religion Verna is, but if liquor is considered spiritual then I'd like to join the congregation, please.  (From the island of Carriacou)



Mi Gordita


   Latino women seem so much more comfortable with their curves than American women.  In one Venezuelan mall was the store "Mi Gordita" which tranlsates to English something like "I'm a Fat Chick".  And yes, it is a store for plus size women's clothing. 



VERY steep hill ahead

   Seen on Niue Island.  It was a rental car anyway, so what the heck...we kept driving. 


Other Stuff:

    Paradise & Hell facial tissues

     Paradise and Hell are in you....which will come out when you blow your nose?  (found in Tonga)


Aryan Fashions

    I thought this might be the place in Fiji to buy Nazi Skinhead apparel, but it turned out to be a normal clothing store.



Have an ice cold Pussy

There is so much wrong with a beverage named "Pussy" that I just don't know where to begin.  I was going to buy one and then take it back to the boat to photograph, but I just couldn't bring myself to go up to the counter and ask the girl, "Could I please have some Pussy?"  so I had to take the photo right in the cafe.


no porking

No...porking?  But it seemed like such a nice spot for porking right here next to the parking lot.








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