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December 22:


     Wow, it seems odd to me that it has been a month since I've written anything in this blog.  And even odder still that I can feel like I have nothing to say...that nothing of consequence has happened in a whole month.  Is life so mundane again?  Perhaps not entirely.  Since this a blog about our travels, I purposely try to keep out any discussion about my work.  I think my patients and employer would prefer that I not blog about them.  Nonetheless, it does feel so bland, so pedestrian to go to a job each morning and go shopping at the mall. 

    Coming back to the "real world" has its advantages.  I haven't had to fix anything in a bilge for months!  We've enjoyed lots of time with friends & family.  Unlimited amounts of hot water in the shower...   At first there were so many little luxuries to enjoy being off the boat.  But more and more, I find myself dissatisfied.  I've lost my tolerance for rushing around, or for being overscheduled.  I'm really disappointed at how quickly Emmett has become a zombie in front of the TV for hours, getting up only to tell us about the latest toy advertisement that he now wants to add to his Christmas list.  What happened to my kid who loved to read and draw and run around on a beach looking under rocks?  All other hobbies seem powerless before the magnetic attraction of television.

     Kathleen and I are not much better.  With the cold weather and a rather pedestrian-unfriendly housing development, we've also become people who rarely venture outside--instead whiling away evening huddled around our ancient, sad, hand-me-down television...or a computer screen.  We drive to giant big box stores and park as close as possible and, when the lack of exercise finally starts to worry us, we contemplate going to the climate controlled gym to walk on a treadmill in front of--yes--another television. 

    Before we left this all behind a few years ago to sail off into the sunset, I remember having this same feeling.  I enjoy my work and all, but I can't help feeling like some part of my life is slowly being eaten away by the fluorescent office lights.  Comfortable as it is, part of me wants to flee the mundane and secure.  I can't wait to sail out into open ocean again, dive into clear blue water, hike up the side of a volcano.  And as much as I might enjoy my job, I really like not having one just a wee bit more.  Dangerous thoughts...

   So anyway, Uliad rarely crossed my mind for the first few months after returning.  But lately something has clicked over.  Maybe it was the email from the sailmaker in Tahiti telling me Uliad's new mainsail is now half done.  Maybe it's the fact that Christmas marks the halfway point of our time back here.  Whatever the reason, lately I've started looking forward to getting home.   






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