Flaming Bananas

    Let me apologize for the long delay in Galley Log entries.  I'll try to make up for it with a real show stopper.  Flaming bananas!  As I've mentioned before, one needs to have a good supply of banana recipes at the ready when travelling through the "banana belt".  In the US you can buy your bananas in a hand of anywhere from 3 to 8 at a time and that's that.  You'll eat them up as soon as the green disappears and then you can go back and buy more.

    In the tropics you quickly learn that bananas grow on a stalk consisting of maybe 4 to 8 hands.  So when some good-hearted villager rows out in his dugout canoe to offer you a stalk of bananas, you quickly realize that you will have, say, 60 bananas all ripening at the same time.

     Bananas Foster is one of those classic desserts you've probably never had.  But it's really easy, and never fails to impress.  In fact, when I served this up in the cockpit the other night, I mentioned something to Emmett about how he could learn this recipe and impress some girl on a date someday.  He replied in all honesty, "Yeah.  I have a feeling I'm going to have no problem impressing girls with all the good teaching you've given me."  I'm saving this quote for when he's a teenager and convinced that his father is the biggest dork in the universe.

Bananas Foster (serves 4)

4 bananas, sliced lengthwise 

2 Tbsp butter

saute the bananas in butter, flat side down until lightly browned, then turn and add:

1/2 cup orange juice

2 tsp brown sugar

1tsp white sugar

pinch of cinnamon and/or nutmeg

    saute over low heat until the sauce thickens.  Set pan aside and in a small container (a 1/2 cup metal measuring cup works well)heat 1/4 cup of rum.  Ignite the alcohol fumes as it warms and at tableside, pour this over the pan of bananas.  Scoop onto a plate by itself, or over vanilla ice cream, cake, or shortbread.  Don't burn your house down.